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``Vējiņu`` pazemes ezeri

“Vējiņi” subterranean lakes – the only subterranean lakes in Latvia. One of the passages which is filled with water has an opening in the bank of the Brasla near the water level. Distance 20,9 km.
Ph. +371 26173654, +371 29354189

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Ungurmuiža Manor – a unique sample of 18th century Baroque wooden architecture. Well-preserved wall paintings. Distance 7,4 km.
Ph. +371 29424757

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Ērgļu klintis

The Ērgļu Cliffs – the most massive cliffs in Latvia. The total length – 700 m; 300 m of which are washed by the Gauja. Distance 16,2 km, along the Gauja river – 14,6 km.

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Ķūķu klintis

The Ķūķu Cliffs – the highest Devonian cliffs in Latvia. They are 43 m high and approximately 500 m long. Distance 27,5 km.

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Līgatnes dabas takas

Līgatne Nature Trail. Its total length – 5,5 km. It offers relaxation and a possibility of watching Latvia’s wild mammals, placed in spacious open-air enclosures. Distance 16,9 km, through Cēsis – 40,9 km.
Ph. +371 64153313
Open: 9.00 – 18.00

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Dabas takā ``Ieriķu dzirnavas``

Nature Trail “Ieriķu Watermill”. Following it one can see the ruins of the watermill (16th cent) and the Melderupīte waterfall, admire the ever changing floral exhibitions, relax in Windmill park and have a hearty meal in the pub. Distance 23,8 km.
Ph. +371 28396804, 26493739

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Braslas krogs

Braslas Inn. National cuisine. Distance 23,8 km.
Ph. +371 29426705
Open: 10.00 – 23.00

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Kalna dzirnavas

Watermill. The miller will show you flour and groats storerooms and demonstrate the process of milling. It is not a museum, everything here is authentic, everything works. Distance 14.0 km.
Ph. +371 64164157

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Metālkalēju darbnīca ``Rātes``

Smithy “Rātes”. Visitors can watch the process of forging, ask the master about it, and try their hand at it. Distance 17,0 km.
Ph. +371 26520523

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Piedzīvojumu un atrakciju parks ``Ozolkalns``

Ozolkalns. Tree to Tree Adventure Park with more than 60 attractions. Mountain bike route. Boat rental for rides down the Gauja River. Distance 10,2 km.
Ph. +371 26400200

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Tāšu pinēji Vizma un Pēteris Zvirbuļi

Birch bark weavers Vizma and Pēteris Zvirbuļi. The only birch bark weavers in Latvia. Visit the workshop , try your hand at weaving, and buy their products. Distance 31,3 km.
“Ikneši”, Ph. +371 26310401

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Krodziņš ``Glendeloka``

Tavern “Glendeloka”. Cosy Latvian style tavern. Distance 12,2 km.
Ph. +371 64161016, +371 26630600

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Cēsu Svētā Jāņa baznīca

Cēsis St.John’s Church was built in the late 13th century and had been the Dome Cathedral of the Livonian Order and the burial place of its Masters, knights and priests. Distance 10,1 km.

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Lielstraupes pils

Lielstraupe castle. The castle dates back from the 13th century. Originally it was built in Romanesque style but later during several reconstructions a Baroque tower, church and a wooden belfry in the park were added to it. Distance 17,0 km.

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Sarkanās klintis

The Red Cliffs. The 100 m long and 10 m high sandstone outcrop can bee seen on the steep bank of the Gauja ancient riverbed. The cliffs are famous for numerous caves and clefts giving birth to a lot of springs. The most powerful of them – Rūcamavots. Distance 6,8 km.

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Kvēpenes ozols

Kvēpene Oak Tree. It grows near Kvēpene mound. It’s circumference is 6,1 m, height 20 m. It has one of the densest foliages in Latvia. Distance 12,4 km.

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Zvārtes iezis

Zvārte Rock – one of the most beautiful rocks in Latvia is located on the left bank of the Amata. It is the starting point of several interesting nature trails. Distance 25,3 km.

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Līgatnes pārceltuve

Līgatne Ferry – the only remaining ferry across the Gauja. Once ago such ferries were the main means of crossing rivers in Latvia. Carrying capacity 6 tons. Distance 14.0 km, through Cēsis – 40,9 km.
Open: 6 a.m. – 11 p.m.

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Āraišu ezerpils

Āraiši Lake Settlement. Reconstructed ancient Latgalian residental site dating from the 9th century. It is based on the building remains discovered in archeological excavations. Distance 15,8 km.
Ph. +371 64107080
Open: 10.00 – 17.00 (Mond. – closed)

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Straupes lauku labumu tirdziņš

Straupes Farmers’ Market. Farmers sell their rural delicacies and other products every 1st and 3rd Sunday of a month in Placis from 11 am till 3 pm. Distance 14,7 km.
Tālr. +371 29464946

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“Jaunklētnieki” – ostrichs and fallow-deer hatchery. Distance 17,6 km.
Ph. +371 29244948

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Kempings - laivu bāze ``Žagarkalns``.

Campsite – Boating Centre “Žagarkalns”. Boat rental boating down the Gauja. Campsite. Distance 6,8 km.
Ph. +371 26266266

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Līgatnes vēsturiskais centrs

Historical centre of Līgatne. The only unique complex of this kind in the Baltics which was built in the 19th century and formed during the development of paper-mill. Distance 16,0 km, through Cēsis – 38,0 km.
Līgatne TIC
Ph. +371 64153169

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Rabbit garden “Zaķīši”. Walk among rabbits living in the meadow or see them in their hutches. More than 40 breeds, about 150 rabbits some of which are very rare and exotic. Goats, sheep, horses, and various birds. Distance 24,1 km.
Ph. +371 29347387

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Kanoe kempings

Canoe Camping. Boat and rafts rental. Guided boating tours. Distance 14,0 km.
Ph. +371 29244948

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Cēsu viduslaiku pils

Cēsis Medieval Castle was the residence of the Master of the Livonian Order. Its construction began in 1207. Distance 10,1 km

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Radošā darbnīca ``Ezeriņi

Creative Workshop “Ezeriņi”. While visiting it you are offered to have a look at and purchase not only different animals and bugs (insects) made of stone and metal but also a lot of pretty decorative and practical little glass articles. Distance 10,9 km.
Ph. +371 26371928

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Cīrulīšu dabas takas

Cīrulīši Nature Trails – 2,7 and 4,6 km long walking trails in the valley of the Gauja tell about the process of formation and development of nature objects from the ice-age until our days. Distance 6,9 km.

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Līgatnes pazemes bunkuri

Underground bunkers. A top-secret site from the former Soviet times. A meal in the Soviet manner available. Distance 21,7 km, through Cēsis – 42,4 km.
Ph. +371 26467747, +371 64161915

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Atpūtas komplekss ``Rakši``

Recreation Complex “Rakši” lies in a silent fringe of forests in the ancient valley of the Gauja. You can meet some exotic animals here – South American llamas, alpakas and guanako. Distance 13,7 km.
Ph. +371 29263798

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Līgatnes pārceltuve

Dug-Out Articles Park – a park for walking and recreation, where one can find peace and inspiration, learn about nature and history, unravel still unknown secrets of natural world. Sites for camp-fire and tents available. Distance 22,5 km, through Cēsis – 32,4 km.
Ph. +371 29329065

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Āraišu vējdzirnavas

Āraiši Windmill. This Dutch-style windmill was built in the middle of the 19th century. The visitors can see the renovated milling equipment and see how grain is turned into flour. Distance 16,2 km.
Ph. +371 29238208
Open: 9.00 – 20.00

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``Mārkulīči`` - medību sporta un atpūtas vieta

Hunting Sport and Recreation Site “Mārkulīči”. Certified shooting-grounds. Pitches for volleyball, streetball, bowling-green, football field, camping sites for tents, sites for camp-fire, boats. Distance 24,0 km.
Ph. +371 29464946, +371 29363936

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“Gaujaskrasts”. Rafts, boat rental, tent rental, nature trail, horse riding, bath-house. Distance 4,7 km.
Ph. +371 29423270

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Maksas makšķerēšana z/s ``Ūdensrozes``

Farm “Ūdensrozes” Paid fishing. Beautiful fish, baautiful scenery. Pond (area – 16 ha) inhabited by carp, crucian carp, pike, perch, roach, and tench. Distance 11,1 km.
Ph. +371 26520177

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Karošu darbnīca

Spoon Factory. We offer to watch how spoons, butter knifes, cutting boards etc. objects are made. They all are handmade. You will be able to buy our products. Distance 22,5 km, through Cēsis – 32,4 km.
Ph. +371 28602642, +371 26521467

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Zivju audzētava ``Kārļi``

Fish hatchery “Kārļi”. Breeding process of salmonidae. Trout for sale. Distance 21,5 km, in Brasla – 25,0 km.
Ph. +371 29467509 (Kārļi), +371 26152368 (Brasla)
Opening hours: 8.00 – 19.00
Weekends – closed

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Cēsu Pils parks un Riekstu kalns

Cēsis castle park and Riekstu hill. Between 11th and 13th century there was Vendu castle on Riekstu hill. The first village and then town shaped around it. Distance 10,1 km.

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